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Anticipating a fun event

January 22nd, 2023

Anticipating a fun event

Lots of cold weather in Montana. I hope it continues into February. That's when the annual Race To The Sky will be run. I'm hoping to go on course to get some action pictures. In 1999, using a film camera, I took many shots, and made a short photo essay. Stay warm everyone!

Creative consciousness

December 17th, 2022

Creative consciousness

This is an excerpt from an artcle/blog post by Pamela Jaye Smith that I have found inspiring.The entired article is available at

"...Art, by its very nature, is the translation and transmission to others of perceptions of those numinous worlds through various media – petroglyphs, music, dance, drama, novels, movies, games, etc.
"Yet how can you the artist possibly transmit the ephemeral, the ineffable, the sublime? How can you take what you have perceived in your own altered states – whether reached via meditation, movement, marijuana, martinis or any other consciousness-altering tool – and make it accessible to the rest of us?
"Symbols and images affect people emotionally – hence their exceptional effectiveness. Because there is no particular rational attachment to them, visuals are a universal language that engages our intuition and imagination...."

2022 Update

December 3rd, 2022

Early morning on 3 February of this year, my friends and neighbors rushed me to the local ER because my legs wouldn't hold me up. I'd been experiencing some discomfort, a bit of pain, and legs being inconsistent for several weeks.The ER staff ran Xrays, CT scan, MRI and declared my situation an emergency. By 5 p.m.I was in a helicopter and airlifted to the hospital in Great Falls. Tthe next morning at 6 a.m., a doctor performed surgery on my spine. Subsequently, I was in a head-neck-torso brace, 24-7, for 3 months, but the good news--I didn't lose the use of my legs. Rehab and physical therapy got me back on my feet, and two weeks after getting out of the brace, I was driving my car, doing my own shopping, and slowly on I go.
It is aggravating to have a physical problem while the mind is still functioning as usual.

**My photography has been slowed. For several months I wasn't suppose to lift anything that weighed more than 3 pounds--that's my camera. Back at it now--when the weather cooperates.
Yet even while incapacitated, I had several online art sales, both at here at Fine Art America/Pixels and from one of my stock portfolios. Yea!